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Adding value and beauty to our world


Memories of Hoi An are reflected in the rêu [moss] covering the ancient buildings of the town. Layer by layer, each one grows on top of the other. From the ground, to the walls, onto each brick. Small but mighty. A fitting way to describe the Hoi An people’s upbringing and ties to the region.

Rêu cultivates fresh harmony from a gathering of storied elements – an expression of gratitude for Hoi An’s vibrant folklore and living history. Step through the arched gate of Rêu and release yourself to its tranquillity. Here, fragments of fishing boats, porcelain shards, and pieces of red tile find a second life. Amidst sounds of gentle whispers that bring the past into the present. Historical. Modern. Rêu. Profound. Serene.

Rêu engraves impactful to subtle emotional corners of tranquil delights on each project. Guests may encounter the small-village feeling of Hoi An’s spirit in Rêu Dining, a burst of joy in a secret tunnel in Dao Tien, or the instant splendid dusk paints your room pinkish in Rêu Boutique Hotel. Be here and immerse yourself in charming heritage and spirited artistry. Visiting Rêu is a return to Hoi An’s peaceful soul..


To immerse guests in enriching experiences that deepens their bond with, and appreciation for nature


We use reclaimed materials as part of our mission to be environmentally conscious and contribute to a greener world. Additionally, the time and difficulty associated with incorporating these materials reflects our desire for people to take time to properly appreciate and treasure the past.


Rêu rehomes these reclaimed materials, giving them a new lease on life. Each tiny reclamation contributes to the collective spirit of the locale – the feel of old tiles, a teapot, or ceramics incorporated in the walls offer moments of whimsy and curiosity. In this way, the past sparkles anew in the eyes of our visitors.


Local ingredients and preparations are always an inspiration at Rêu. From the famous herb village of Tra Que and Dai Loc pork in Quang Nam, to fresh seafood from Cham island, our cuisine is inspired by the culture and taste of the area.


Rêu does not use chemical fertilizers – instead, our gardens use vegetable scraps and leftovers from cooking, as an organic fertilizer for the land. Mother Earth is our starting point for creating delicious, fresh and safe meals for your family and loved ones to enjoy.


We host events with sustainable decoration and operations so guests can enjoy a special day in harmony with nature.

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