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What To Eat In Hoi An? A Local Guide To Hoi An Best Dishes

Hoi An is not only famous for its ancient streets and magical lanterns, but it also attracts visitors with its rich and diverse cuisine. Let’s explore the list of must-try dishes recommended by locals through the following article!

Best Breakfast Spots in Hoi An

Mi Quang, Cao Lau Ong Hai

This eatery is famous for its authentic Hoi An Mi Quang and Cao Lau, with chewy noodles, rich broth, and a variety of toppings. You can enjoy a satisfying bowl of Mi Quang or Cao Lau here at any time of the day.mi quang hoi an ong hai

Banh Beo Ba Bay (Auntie Bay’s Vietnamese Savory Steamed Rice Cakes)

Each piece of this cake might be tiny, but it surely is capable of fulfilling your appetite. Coming to Ba Bay’s vendor, you can indulge in various delicious dishes like Banh Beo, Banh Nam (flat steamed rice cake dumpling), Banh Vac (white rose steamed dumpling) without worrying about breaking the bank. The affordable prices for these traditional tasty cakes have made this stall extremely popular, so be sure to arrive early to avoid missing out.
banh beo ba bay hoi an

Banh Uot Thit Nuong Co Thu (Auntie Thu’s Grilled Pork & Rice Rolls)

For an impressive grilled pork with wet cake in Hoi An, Co Thu’s stall is the place to go. The well-marinated pork, soft and delicate rice rolls, fresh complimentary herbs and vegetables, and savory dipping sauce create an irresistible combination.

Bánh Mì Madame Khánh

With hearty, delicious baguettes, Madame Khanh has won the hearts of many domestic and international visitors. You can experience different impressive flavors in each baguette, varying from meaty loafs like ham, pork or chicken to vegetarian options as well.
banh mi madame khanh hoi an

Banh Xeo Ba 9 (Auntie 9’s Crispy Vietnamese Crêpes)

Hoi An’s banh xeo has relatively small size, so one person can eat several pieces at once. To fully enjoy the flavors of banh xeo, Ba 9′ stall should be the place to visit when traveling to Hoi An.
banh xeo ba 9 hoi an

Best Street Food Dishes That Every Food Lover Must Try In Hoi An.

Not only famous for hearty meals, Hoi An is also a culinary paradise for every street-food enthusiasts.

Banh Dap Hen Xao Cam Nam (Cam Nam’s Stir-Fried Baby Basket Clams & Crushed Rice Cracker)

A beloved rustic dish among many visitors to Hoi An, Cam Nam stir-fried clams with crispy rice paper offers the authentic flavors of the ancient town that you should not miss. The taste is soulful since the clams were stir-fried with onions, chillies, mint herbs, enhanced by the unique chewy taste of Cam Nam clams. You can only find this flavor in Hoi An.

Che Thung Co Hai (Auntie Hai’s Sweet Soup)

For those who have sweet tooth, you surely would feel satisfied when trying sweet soup shop of Auntie Hai. Skillfully prepared, the sweet soups here retain the refreshing and delicious flavors of local ingredients like soft taro, waxy bananas, complimented by the richness of coconut milk.

Chan Ga Cay Ly Thuong Kiet (Spicy Chicken Feet at Ly Thuong Kiet)

On your way into the ancient town, you’ll find a small shop selling irresistible spicy chicken feet. A pot full of crispy, fragrant chicken feet is enough to make your mouth water. With an irresistible taste with low price, remember to pay a visit as soon as the shop opens, otherwise it would sell out really quickly.

chan ga cay ly thuong kiet hoi an

Da Tron Co Hiep (Auntie Hiep’s Mixed Sidedish)

Thinly sliced crunchy pig skin mixed with pickled papaya creates a refreshing and palate-pleasing dish. At Auntie Hiep’s shop, you can also choose other snacks like grilled squid, grilled fish, grilled sour pork sausage, and duck embryos into your chosen sidedishes.
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Dinner In Hoi An – Best Dinner Restaurants In Hoi An

After a day full of fun snacks, let’s explore the delicious and quality dinner spots in Hoi An with Rêu through the following list:

Dao Tien Restaurant

Ideally located in a prime location centered in Hoi An’s heart, Dao Tien restaurant is the essential dining place for those who love to explore the cuisine and culture of the ancient town. The restaurant not only attracts diners with its delicious food but also with its unique architectural space that blends the ancient charm of Hoi An with the sophistication of French style.
romantic dinner in hoi an

Rêu Dining

Rêu Dining is the ideal place to escape the busy pace of life and immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere of Hoi An. Designed like a serene fishing village painting, Rêu Dining with its ten ancient home blocks of Asian style will bring peace as you stroll through the herb garden and enjoy the windy Co Co River.
The restaurant not only serves dishes that embody the spirit of Hoi An but also harmoniously combines traditional and modern flavors. Come to Rêu Dining to enjoy exquisite dishes and appreciate the subtlety in every small detail.
flowers at reu dining hoi an

White Rose Restaurant

A complete plate at White Rose Bakery includes two types: dumplings and white rose dumplings. The white rose dumplings are similar to Chinese dumplings but with a thinner wrapper and moderate filling of pork and shrimp, creating a satisfying and non-greasy sensation. This will be an ideal dinner spot if you’re in for a cultural cuisine experience in Hoi An.
lo banh bao banh quai vac hoa hong trang hoi an

Ba Le Well Restaurant

With over 20 years of experience in the culinary field, Ba Le Well has conquered food lovers’ interests with its excellent food quality. Besides Cao Lau, the restaurant also serves many other Hoi An specialties such as Banh Xeo, Banh Beo, grilled pork skewers, and Mi Quang. Each dish is meticulously prepared from fresh ingredients, delivering rich and unforgettable flavors.

Enjoy A Peaceful Getaway At Reu Boutique Hotel Hoi An

Are you looking for a peaceful retreat amidst the heart of Hoi An ancient town? Come to Rêu Boutique Hotel – a Hội An central boutique hotel – where you will enjoy tranquil moments of relaxation in a quiet and pleasant space. Despite being very close to the center of the ancient town, Rêu Boutique Hotel still offers a sense of separation from the noisy and bustling atmosphere. Staying here, guests can enjoy the expansive horizon with endless rice fields of Hoi An. If you’re opt for organizing dining events that needs a serene setting or want to experience the best spa in Hoi An with a relaxing atmosphere, Rêu Boutique Hotel has it all for you.
With a dedicated and attentive staff, Rêu Boutique Hotel is always ready to meet all your needs. We aim to provide you with the perfect vacation experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty of Hoi An ancient town.

We hope the above suggestions from Rêu will help you have the most satisfying culinary experience. Don’t forget to follow and contact us when you have the chance to visit Hoi An!

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