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Join us for an unforgettable culinary and cultural journey in the serene Tra Que vegetable village. Whether you choose to spend a morning or afternoon with us, you’ll delve deep into the heart of Vietnamese cuisine and traditions. Uncover Hidden Stories: Explore the vibrant market and uncover the unique stories behind each vendor. Savor Fresh Herbs: Experience the tiny yet fragrant herbs flourishing in our organic garden. Embrace Our Heritage: Learn how we, as Vietnamese, nurture our identity through cuisine and caring for our crops. Celebrate Local Ingredients: Witness the vibrant colors and flavors of local ingredients as we blend them into delightful dishes. Enjoy a Digital Detox: Take a break from social media and reconnect with nature and your companions. Come along to live the life of a farmer, a fisherman, a joyful and loving person, with us. Discover, taste, and experience the true spirit of Vietnam!


Kickstart with Coffee

Join your friendly English-speaking guide at a local café and kickstart your day the Vietnamese way with a delicious Café Sữa Đá (traditional iced coffee).

Market Adventure

A bustling local market where we engage with local sellers and learn about the fresh produce you will prepare in your cooking class. Gain an insight into the scents and flavors of Vietnamese herbs and spices and experience real Vietnamese market culture learning how to bargain and find the freshest ingredients.

Scenic Drive

We then take you on a short drive to Rêu Dining. Soak up the wonderful sights of scenic local life as you make your way to our charming restaurant.

Welcome to Rêu Dining

Arrive at Rêu Dining and refresh with a cool organic herb juice. Here you will settle in, admiring the scenic views as you walk or ride around the organic herb and vegetable gardens. It’s difficult to remember what year you are in as you watch local farmers carry water and tend the gardens in the same way their ancestors have done for centuries.

Dive into Farm Fun and Relaxation

Try your hand at farming or fishing, or simply unwind with a soothing head and herbal foot massage. Lots of fun and relaxation await!

Cooking Class

Get hands-on in our ‘Spirit of Rêu’ cooking class. Learn to whip up special local dishes, discover the secrets of Vietnamese herbs and spices, and enjoy tastings of unique local specialties.

Lunch Feast

Sit down with friends and enjoy a delightful lunch prepared by you. Bon appétit!


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