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Memories of Hoi An are reflected in the rêu [moss] covering the ancient buildings of the town. Layer by layer, each one grows on top of the other. From the ground, to the walls, onto each brick. Small but mighty. A fitting way to describe the Hoi An people’s upbringing and ties to the region.

Rêu cultivates fresh harmony from a gathering of storied elements – an expression of gratitude for Hoi An’s vibrant folklore and living history.

Step through the arched gate of Rêu and release yourself to its tranquillity. Here, fragments of fishing boats, porcelain shards, and pieces of red tile find a second life next to Hoi An’s iconic mascots. Time and history drape each small path, alley, and square in Rêu.


Encounter the small-village feeling of Hoi An’s spirit in Rêu. Follow the vegetable plots and fragrances of green herbs. Step into the never-ending alleys. Gaze up at the clear blue sky. The space around you are painted in rustic yellows, rich reds and oceanic turquoises. The different shapes and style of gates intertwine subtly. Amidst sounds of gentle whispers that bring the past into the present. Together, they build the story of Hoi An. Historical. Modern. Rêu. Profound. Serene.

Dining at Rêu is a chance to immerse yourself in charming heritage and spirited artistry. We serve cuisines with ingredients picked from our own gardens. Prepared with attention to nature and by internationally-trained local chefs. Visiting Rêu is a return to Hoi An’s peaceful soul.