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Lúa Spa

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Lúa Spa, where ancient healing traditions blend with the life-giving essence of rice.  Like grains nurtured by fertile earth, let your spirit find renewal within our sanctuary. From the moment you arrive, shed the burdens of the world and awaken your senses. Our therapies, infused with the restorative power of herbs and botanicals, will guide your transformation. Surrender to the restorative touch of our skilled therapists. Feel tension dissolve as each treatment nourishes body and spirit, mirroring the journey of the rice plant from seed to abundance. Re-emerge revitalized, your inner radiance restored.  Like the vibrant rice fields after harvest, you will carry the essence of Lúa Spa with you — a reminder of the profound peace and well-being that resides within.


Personalised outings to encounter the spirit of our beloved Hoi An, beyond RÊU’s walls.

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